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GemTime Online Gym Workouts

Additional workouts available by scrolling to bottom and going to previous. Workout videos will be available to you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:01 am UTC/GMT (In North America: 3:01 am EST/12:01 am PST); just log in and get going.

Full-Body Conditioning Day


A Full Body Conditioning day, finished with cardio at the end, could be done in as little as 65-75 minutes total once you learn the exercises and no longer need to watch all the videos. I do recommend you watch the videos for your first few weeks or so to get the hints on how to properly perform each one.

Scroll down for Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner starting points.


Warm Up

  • 5 minutes on Cardio Machine (treadmill, bike, etc.)

Advanced Start here

Rotational Squat Presses » 8-10 Each Side

  • Single Dumbbell in hand, turn and touch opposite foot
  • Rotate away and press up
  • Controlled, don't swing weight

Renegade Rows with Dumbbells » 8-10 Reps

  • Right over the dumbbells
  • Feet wide; tuck in and core tight
  • Pull it back and control it down
  • Remember to row and keep traps relaxed

Repeat above 5x
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Intermediate Start Here

Cable Rope Front Squats » 10-12 Reps

  • Cable system low with rope attachment.
  • Right over cable so pulling you straight down
  • Core engaged, rope held just below chin; squat

Deadlifts with Dumbbells » 12 Reps

  • Slight bend of the knees
  • Keep arms more to the side than front
  • Down with butt back a bit
  • Lift body up and pause with glute squeeze at top

Low Cable Rows » 12-15 Reps

  • Grab both ropes, stabilize with core tight
  • Pull towards body and pause

Repeat above 4x
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Beginner Start Here

Sit Throughs » 8-10 Each Side

  • Push Up position, legs slightly apart with core engaged
  • Twist by driving hip and leg through to opposite side
  • Alternate

Tricep Extensions with Cable Rope » 10-12 Reps

  • Grasp rope, leaning slightly forward, relax neck and shoulders
  • Keep upper arm still
  • Pull down with forearms, pause and slow up

Bicep Curls with Dumbbells » 10-12 Reps

  • Dumbells neutral at side
  • Keep body neutral and stable
  • Curl up, turning wrists out as you get to the top
  • Control down

Rockbacks » 12-15 Reps

  • Sit comfortably (on mat if needed), with legs bent in front of you
  • Chest up; not hunched
  • Hands in front of heart, crossed to shoulders or on head
  • Lean back as far as you can keeping feet on floor, hold then repeat

Repeat above 3x
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Rear Flys on Bench with Dumbbells » 8-10 reps

  • Lay flat on your stomach
  • Grab two, lighter dumbbells together under the bench
  • Use your delts, relax the traps—don't shrug, to bring dumbbells up and out
  • Pause and control down

Leg Curls » 20 Reps

  • Adjust machine properly
  • Keep hips down
  • Keep core engaged

Lateral Lunges with Dumbbells » 8-10 each side

  • Focus on driving your hips backwards when you go to the sides
  • Control it and push to opposite side

Repeat above 2x
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Crawl Push Up into a Squat Jump » 15-20 Reps

  • Stand with legs wide
  • Bend down and crawl forward; shoulder push up
  • Crawl back to standing and jump

Hip Abductions on Machine » 20-30 Reps

  • Push out with knees * Pause before coming back; controlled
  • Core is engaged


  • 5 min of one cardio movement/equipment
  • 4 min of one cardio movement/equipment (pick something more challenging then prior)
  • 3 min of one cardio movement/equipment (pick something more challenging then prior)
  • 3 min of one cardio movement/equipment (pick something more challenging then prior)

Total of 15 min of cardio with 4 different movement


  • 15 minutes of any single cardio movement

Cool Down / Stretching