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GemTime Online Gym Workouts

Additional workouts available by scrolling to bottom and going to previous. Workout videos will be available to you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:01 am UTC/GMT (In North America: 3:01 am EST/12:01 am PST); just log in and get going.

Full-Body Conditioning Day


A Full Body Conditioning day, finished with cardio at the end, could be done in as little as 65-75 minutes total once you learn the exercises and no longer need to watch all the videos. I do recommend you watch the videos for your first few weeks or so to get the hints on how to properly perform each one.

Scroll down for Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner starting points.


Warm Up

  • 5 minutes on Cardio Machine (treadmill, bike, etc.)

Advanced Start here

Cable Wood Chops—Top to Bottom » 10-12 Each Side

  • Handle on cable system
  • Wide stance, in line with cable; core engaged
  • Chop down and slightly around, pivoting upper torso and foot
  • Eyes always forward

Deadlift Rows with Dumbbells » 10-12 Reps

  • Choose a weight you can handle, your back should not hurt at all
  • Lower to a deadlift position, hamstrings long, lock arms and body
  • Pull back, squeezing shoulder blades so dumbbell follows leg
  • Control down and body back up
  • Keep head looking forward at all times

Repeat above 5x
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Intermediate Start Here

Cable Pull Downs using Rope Attachment » 12-14 Reps

  • Stay a little bent to activate back; neck is neutral
  • Lock arm in slightly bent position then bring down straight
  • Control on the way up

Staggered Dumbbell Squats » 8-10 Each Side

  • Staggered stance; most weight on the front foot
  • Don't let knee go forward
  • Squat down, using back leg for stablization only
  • Repeat other leg

Rockback Abs » 15 Reps

  • Sit comfortably (on mat if needed), with legs bent in front of you
  • Chest up; not hunched
  • Hands in front of hear, crossed to shoulders or on head
  • Lean back as far as you can keeping feet on floor, hold then repeat

Repeat above 4x
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Beginner Start Here

Bulgarian Split Squats with Dumbbell » 8-12 Reps

  • Dumbbells at side, one foot back on low box
  • Focus all weight in front heal
  • Leaning forward, squat down remaining strong and back up
  • Don't let your knee go foward

Speed Squats—Controlled » 12-15 Reps

  • Fast squats, don't let knees buckle
  • Like jumping without toes leaving the ground
  • Almost like forcing your body down, stopping and reversing up

Triceps Kickbacks with Dumbbells » 10-12 Reps

  • Lean foward about 45° with dumbbells in a curl position at chest level
  • Keep upper arms in same position and kick back dumbbells (hinge at elbow until arms are straight)

Plate Shoulder Front Raises » 10-12 Reps

  • Stand wide, relaxed with weight plate in two-handed grasp
  • Raise plate strait up until you can almost see through hole
  • Relax traps, control on the way down

Repeat above 3x
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Cable Rope Front Squats » 12 Reps

  • Cable system low with rope attachment.
  • Right over cable so pulling you straight down
  • Core engaged, rope held just below chin; squat

T-Push Ups » 10-12 Total Reps

  • Your Push Up postion
  • Legs slightly apart
  • Push up and turn body and raise arm so both of your arms are vertical
  • Alternate sides

Skier Side Jumps with pause » 16-20 Total Reps

  • Body neutral
  • Inside leg can stabilize if needed
  • Catch and control your landings

Repeat above 2x
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Push Ups » Max Reps

  • Shoulder width
  • Core is tight
  • Control up and down

Squat Jumps » Max Reps

  • Hands in top position, don't lean forward
  • Stay in control in both jump and catch


  • 5 min of one cardio movement/equipment
  • 4 min of one cardio movement/equipment (pick something more challenging then prior)
  • 3 min of one cardio movement/equipment (pick something more challenging then prior)
  • 3 min of one cardio movement/equipment (pick something more challenging then prior)

Total of 15 min of cardio with 4 different movement


  • 15 minutes of any single cardio movement

Cool Down / Stretching